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Last update: 06 May 2004

The ISO Handbook is the definitive stand-alone reference document for the ISO Mission and the ISO Data Products.

A paper version of the ISO Handbook is also published as part of the ESA Special Publication Series (ESA SP-1262) in 5 volumes, a first general one with an overview of the ISO Mission & the Satellite and 4 additional volumes, one for each instrument.

Volume I : ISO
Mission & Satellite Overview
Volume II : CAM
The ISO Camera
Volume III: LWS
The Long-Wavelength Spectrometer
Volume IV : PHT
The Imaging Photo-Polarimeter
Volume V : SWS
The Short Wavelength Spectrometer
ISO Handbook (ESA SP-1262) Volume I: ISO - Mission & Satellite Overview ISO Handbook (ESA SP-1262) Volume II: CAM - The ISO Camera ISO Handbook (ESA SP-1262) Volume III: LWS - The Long-Wavelength Spectrometer ISO Handbook (ESA SP-1262) Volume IV: PHT - The Imaging Photo-Polarimeter ISO Handbook (ESA SP-1262) Volume V: SWS - The Short Wavelength Spectrometer
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