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THE ISO HANDBOOK V: SWS - The Short Wavelength Spectrometer

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Kieron Leech$ ^1$, Do Kester$ ^2$, Russell Shipman$ ^2$, Douwe Beintema$ ^2$, Helmut Feuchtgruber$ ^3$, Ana Heras$ ^1$, Rik Huygen$ ^4$, Fred Lahuis$ ^2$, Dieter Lutz$ ^3$, Patrick Morris$ ^5$, Peter Roelfsema$ ^2$, Alberto Salama$ ^1$, Stephan Schaeidt$ ^3$, Edwin Valentijn$ ^2$, Bart Vandenbussche$ ^4$, Ekkehard Wieprecht$ ^3$ and Thijs de Graauw$ ^2$.

SAI/2000-008/Dc, Version 2.0.1

June, 2003

$ ^{1}$ ISO Data Centre, Science Operations and Data Systems Division,
  Research and Scientific Support Department of ESA,
  Villafranca del Castillo, P.O. Box 50727, E-28080 Madrid, Spain
$ ^{2}$ Space Research Organisation of The Netherlands,
  P.O. Box 800, NL-9700 AV Groningen, The Netherlands
$ ^{3}$ Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik, Postfach 1312,
  D-85741 Garching, Germany
$ ^{4}$ Instituut voor Sterrenkunde, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven,
  Celestijnenlaan 200B, B-3001 Heverlee, Belgium
$ ^{5}$ Space Research Organisation of The Netherlands,
  Sorbonnelaan 2, NL-3584 CA Utrecht, The Netherlands

Document Information

Document:		 The ISO Handbook
Volume:			 V
Title:			 SWS - The Short Wavelength Spectrometer 
Reference Number:	 SAI/2000-008/Dc 
Issue:			 Version 2.0 
Issue Date:		 June 2003
Authors:		 K. Leech, D. Kester, R. Shipman et al. 
Editors:		 T. Müller, J. Blommaert & P. Garca-Lario
Web-Editor:		 J. Matagne

Document History

The ISO Handbook, Volume V: SWS - The Short Wavelength Spectrometer is based on the following documents:

  • The ISO Short Wavelength Spectrometer Observer's Manual, K. Leech (with contributions from Th. de Graauw, the SWS Instrument Dedicated Team & S. Sidher, based on V2.0 produced by K.A. van der Hucht, D. Lutz and the SWS consortium), Issue 3.0, July 22, 1996.
  • The SWS Instrument & Data Manual, K. Leech (with contributions from the SWS Instrument Dedicated Team and the SWS Instrument Support Team), Issue 1.0, SAI/98-095/Dc, November 3, 1998.
  • Earlier versions of The ISO Handbook on SWS - The Short Wavelength Spectrometer (previously called Volume VI), SAI-2000-008/Dc.
  • All other documents listed in the Bibliography.

Document Change Record

Date Revision Comments
Jan 2000 Version 1.0 Derived from SWS Instrument Data Manual
Jan 2001 Version 1.1 update
Jul 2001 Version 1.2 update to OLP 10 standard
Apr 2002 Version 2.0 update, now Volume V
Jun 2003 Version 2.0.1 minor editorial changes, printed version


The Short Wavelength Spectrometer was a joint effort by:

  • Space Research Organisation of the Netherlands in Groningen (SRON-G) and Utrecht (SRON-U)
  • Max Planck Institut für extraterrestrische Physik (MPE), Garching, Germany.

With contributions from:

  • Instituut voor Sterrenkunde, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KUL), Belgium
  • Steward Observatory, University of Arizona, AZ, USA
  • Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Hanscom AFB, MA, USA.

Many other groups contributed to the success of this instrument. In particular:

  • The ISO Data Centre (IDC) in Villafranca, Spain
  • Astronomical Institute Anton Pannekoek, University of Amsterdam (UvA), The Netherlands
  • Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, University of Groningen (RUG), The Netherlands
  • Leiden Observatory, University of Leiden, The Netherlands.

The SWS Proposal Team
Principal Investigator
  Thijs de Graauw SRON-G
  Douwe Beintema SRON-G
  Siegfried Drapatz MPE
  Miller Goss RUG
  Gerhard Haerendel MPE
  Leo Haser MPE
  Karel van der Hucht SRON-U
  Theo Kamperman SRON-U
  Henny Lamers SRON-U
  Paul Wesselius SRON-G
  Jan Wijnbergen SRON-G
Instrument Development Team
  Hans Imhof SRON-U
  Willem Luinge SRON-G
  Friedhelm Melzner MPE
  Ger Ploeger SRON-G
  Jacob Stöcker MPE
  Jan van Rooyen SRON-U
  Klaas Wildeman SRON-G
  Herman van Agthoven TPD, Delft
  Reinhard Genzel UCB, USA
  Wim Werner TPD, Delft
The SWS Instrument Consortium
Principal Investigator
  Thijs de Graauw SRON-G
Scientific Support
  Thijs van der Hulst RUG
  Steve Price AFRL/VSBC
  Reinhard Genzel MPE
  Dieter Lutz MPE
  Henny Lamers SRON-U
  Xander Tielens SRON-G
  Ewine van Dishoeck Leiden
  Rens Waters UvA
  Christoffel Waelkens KUL
The Instrument Hardware Development Team
  Herman van Agthoven (TPD-Delft) FPU mechanical design
  Lothar Barl (MPE) Detector evaluation
  Albert-Jan Boonstra (SRON-G) FPU AIT
  Stephan Czempiel (MPE) FP manufacture
  Carel van Dijkhuizen (SRON-U) Warm electronics
  Siegfried Drapatz (MPE) Instrument development support
  Henk Doedens (SRON-G) Harness, amp design
  Jaap Evers (SRON-G) Ground support equipment, AIV, PA
  Martin Frericks (SRON-U) EMC, signal chain development
  Werner Goebel (MPE) FP development
  Piet de Groene (SRON-U) EMC, warm electronics manager
  Leo Haser (MPE) MPE project leader, FP developer
  Wim Horinga (SRON-G) FP test assistant
  Herman Jacobs (SRON-U) Consortium PA
  Gerd Jakob (MPE) ILT cryogenics
  Norbert Kamm (MPE) ILT cryogenics
  Theo Kamperman (SRON-U) SWS project manager
  Reinhard Katterloher (MPE) SWS test manager
  Daniel Kussendrager (SRON-G) PI assistant
  Siep van der Lei (SRON-G) ILT assistant
  Rien van der Linden (SRON-G) ILT testing
  Hans Loidl (MPE) Detector testing
  Willem Luinge (SRON-G) Detector evaluation, detector block design
  Friedhelm Melzner (MPE) FP development
  Bernhard Merz (MPE) Detector testing
  Jörg Niekerke (MPE) Test equipment support
  Duc van Nguyen (SRON-G) FPU integration, Int. Amp. integration
  Uwe Pagel (MPE) FP development
  Günther Pfaller (MPE) FP manufacture
  Ger Ploeger (SRON-G) Scanner/detector block designer
  Peter Reiss (MPE) Test equipment support
  Christel Schäfer (MPE) FP/ILT documentation
  Kees Smoorenburg (TPD-Delft) FPU opto-mechanical structure manager
  Heinrich Späth (MPE) FP development
  Wilhelm. Stöberl (MPE) FP testing
  Jacob Stöcker (MPE) FP mechanical design
  Ulrich Thiele (MPE) Test equipment support
  Huib Visser (TPD-Delft) FPU opto-mechanical design
  Johan Wensink (SRON-G) Detector testing
  Jan Wijnbergen (SRON-G) FPU optical design
  Klaas Wildeman (SRON-G) FPU manager
  Erick Young (Steward Obs.) FP detectors
  Frans Zwart (SRON-U) Warm electronics
The SWS Test, Calibrations, Operations Team
  Mario van den Ancker (UvA) Line profile observations
  Otto Bauer (MPE) Operations leader 1992-2001
  Harald Baumgartner (MPE) Computer support
  Kurt Becher (MPE) Software development
  Douwe Beintema (SRON-G) SIDT, beam profiles
  Hilco Bekenkamp (SRON-G) Software development
  Geert Bex (KUL) Software development
  Danny Boxhoorn (SRON-G) SIDT
  Jacqueline Cot'e (SRON-G) SWS Observation Time Estimator (SOTE)
  Helmut Feuchtgruber (MPE) SIDT leader 1996-1997, FP
  Menne Glas (SRON-G) Software
  Norbert Heinecke (MPE) Software, Computer support
  Ana Heras (ESA) SIDT, Trend Analysis, calibration
  Sacha Hony (UvA) SWS-IA feedback
  Rik Huygen (KUL) Author CoCo
  Kay Justtanont (SRON-G) SWS-IA feedback
  Do Kester (SRON-G) Software development, $ \lambda$ cal., system modelling
  Jan Koornneef (SRON-G) Calibration support, spectral line catalog
  Dietmar Kunze (MPE) ISOSDC, Software
  Fred Lahuis (SRON-G) SIDT, Software
  Kieron Leech (ESA) SIDT, Documentation
  Rosario Lorente (INSA) SIDT, Beam profiles
  Dieter Lutz (MPE) ISOSDC, Calibration, line profiles
  Patrick Morris (SRON-U) SIDT, Photometric calibration
  Georg Orthuber (MPE) Computer support
  Sabine Osterhage (MPE) Software development, Computer support
  Dimitra Rigopoulou (MPE) SWS-IA feedback
  Peter Roelfsema (SRON-G) SIDT leader 1995-1996
  Dirk Rosenthal (MPE) SWS-IA feedback
  Alberto Salama (ESA) SIDT leader 1997-1998, beam profiles
  Stephan Schaeidt (MPE) SIDT, Photometric calibration
  Berhard Scheiner (MPE) Administrative Support
  Karla Seidenschwang (MPE) Software development
  Russell Shipman (SRON-G) DIDAC, Photometric calibration
  Nico Sijm (SRON-U) Software development
  Henrik Spoon (MPE) Code development
  Michael Steinmayer (MPE) RTA/QLA
  Eckhard Sturm (MPE) Software, ISOSDC
  Edwin Valentijn (SRON-G) SIDT, (pre-)flight cal., SWS development
  Bart Vandenbussche (KUL) SIDT, RSRF calibration
  Karel van der Hucht (SRON-U) Spectral line catalog
  Aprajita Verma (MPE) ISOSDC
  Binne Viersen (SRON-G) Software
  Paul Wesselius (SRON-G) Operations leader 1987-1992
  Ekkehard Wieprecht (MPE) SIDT, Software
  Erich Wiezorrek (MPE) RTA/QLA
  Issei Yamamura (SRON-G) SWS-IA feedback

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ISO Handbook Volume V (SWS), Version 2.0.1, SAI/2000-008/Dc
     Copyright © 2016 European Space Agency. All rights reserved.
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